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The best way to boost your company within the Devy platform

With Devy you have tools that offer you more visibility for your restaurant or store in the app.


Create a promotion for your customers and be one of the first positions in Devy appearing in the first slider within the users app.


Every day hundreds of users enter Devy to search for what food or products and your company can be one of the first to appear.

You invest only in real sales

This model of investment in real discounts will make your investment more effective by only investing for sales received; In this way you invest in attracting potential customers related to your restaurant.

Get more clicks
in your company

100% of businesses that have used Devy Ads to run promotions have increased their clicks by up to 3x.

Get new

76% of restaurants and stores that have published offers through Devy Ads increased up to 5 times the visits of new users.



pizza hut

"For us, it generated a good position against more emerging chains in the sector, which helped maintain and increase sales."


Burger King

"It's an excellent way to appear at the top of the platform and consequently sell more."


Pasta and Grass

"We loved that the investment was in discounts for our customers, that way we all win."

Where will you see your Devy promotions?

Your discounts will dynamically rotate through top positions in the app, when users enter Devy looking for something to buy


First in-app slider
Appears in the first slider within the users app within your sales area


Favorites carousel
Show your company in the favorites window of each user who is within your sales area


Devy Searches
Appear at the top of the list when a user searches for what to eat or buy on Devy

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