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The Devy team sends you a cordial greeting, thinking that in the near future the most important thing is to have a good time with your family.
That is why we invite you to be part of our Instagram raffle "Let's grow together" that will take place on the aforementioned social network with the aim of growing the community of followers of each of the participants in the raffle.

The draw will take place from December 14 to 29 , during this date Instagram users who want to participate will have to like Devy's page as well as that of the participating restaurants in their city, they must comment on which city they are participating and tag the person they will share their prize with. The winner will be randomly selected with the help of the website on December 29, there will be 3 winners, 1 winner per city.

If you wish to join the " Grow Together" raffle, you must award an amount of $300MXN for the winner, which will only be spent at your restaurant. Devy will award a Devy club membership for the period of 3 months.

How can they join?

The way they can join is very simple, they just have to send us the $300MXN and we will create the coupon in your restaurant for the winner. Before December 10, request the account number to make your coupon. Devy will design and share the advertising post on his Instagram, in which each of the participating restaurants will be mentioned, the image will be shared to be promoted on his social networks, you can share it on your stories, Instagram or Facebook wall, WhatsApp , etc.

We would love your participation and continue growing together.

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