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The perfect combination between Logistics and Quality

Access to Premium Drivers trained to move your packages in the way that your company requires. Know the data of each assigned courier and offer direct tracking in each transfer.
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Shipping of high-end items and last-mile executive packages modifiable to the needs of your company.

The logistics that leaves you great delivery experiences. Send all your articles with the quality you are looking for and with the best technology for your company

Focus on your sale and
don't worry about

Insure your product from the moment it leaves your warehouse until it's  delivery

All your shipments are insured and tracked until the moment of delivery. The tracking system of your package cannot be deactivated by the Driver, which ensures its total tracking if required.

Real-time tracking to the  receiver of your package and direct communication with your Driver 

Follow the path of Driver during the delivery and know all your data such as Name, vehicle, photo and more


Frequent questions

Can I send food?

It is not possible since Devy +Plus represents a high-end Messaging service. If you want to send food or low-cost products you can get more information by entering here

Do I require a minimum of monthly shipments?

This monthly amount is adjustable at the time of generating the agreement, however, in general, the average number of shipments must be greater than 400 monthly transfers and an amount transferred greater than $100,000 per month.

Does integration with my system have a cost?

It totally depends on the negotiation and the needs of your company since it is a 100% adaptable and joint work service.

Can I get a delivery service for my small business?

Of course, you can enter as a partner company and use Devy Fleet service by pressing here

Is it possible to use the service for corporate messaging?

Yes, all your packages are not opened by the drivers and arrive sealed at their destination, in addition to entering the name of the recipient at the time of delivery


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