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Work and earn according to your needs

In Devy you can choose your work model according to your needs

each with exclusive benefits

Self-Employed Devy Courier Income Benefits

Work in your free time and when you decide

You do not have hours or forced days to work

You win what you propose

Accounts with life insurance and medical expenses insurance

Receive promotions, level up and earn more

Self Employed Devy Messenger Requirements

identification  INE in force

· Proof of address

· Motorcyclist driver's license (at home motorcycle)

· Circulation card (in case of motorcycle)

Income Benefits as a Hired Devy Courier

Formal work, 8 hours a day, 6 days a week

Law benefits

competitive salary

work equipment

You have insurance  vehicular (in case of using your vehicle)

Hired Devy Messenger Requirements*

identification  INE in force

· Proof of address

Motorcycle driver's license

Delivery or related experience

· 2 work references not older than 2 years of seniority or verifiable experience in Devy

Optional - Have a motorcycle in optimal conditions**

· Circulation card  (in case of using your vehicle)

Admission to this model is subject to the required demand in each city*

Entering with your vehicle ensures you a better salary and work comfort**

Choose your work model and start earning

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