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With Devy, your restaurant or store will continue to sell in
your physical location plus delivery to homes and offices. Your food or products will reach your customers quickly.


Increase your sales

Devy has a real impact on your business. Your products are available to everyone with internet access in your city and they can enjoy your products in the comfort of their home or business. 

Faster delivery

Devy is the fast way to deliver your products  to  your customers. With a delivery man near you every time a user requests  your product through  of the app, the courier will arrive at your home in a matter of minutes.

Partner with professionals

When you partner with Devy, we focus on teamwork, to that end,  we will prepare you for  access to the platform and operation  of the reception of orders, we will carry out tests for the collection  and delivery of your products. So your only  focus will be follow  offering  the best product to your customers and ours that reaches its destination.


Devy App
  1. Sell food, drinks or articles with permission of commercialization and transfer

  2. Being able to issue sales invoices

  3. Have internet connection

  4. Have a computer or tablet on the site

  5. Be within the Devy area of operations in your city

Trusted by over 3,100 companies

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A fast and efficient option

to connect your products
with your clients

Get started in just 3 steps

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Devy is a TESELIP Tecnologías SA DE CV company created with the vision that companies can sell or distribute their products at home in the town with the convenience of a computer or smartphone  without the need to hire staff to carry out this activity doing it from the way fast,

cheap, safe and  ecological.

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The Devy platform will be responsible from connect to your company with your customers through from a application mobile and one network of bicycle and motorcycle messengers available on the city enough for meet your demand.

Frequent questions

Do you have questions? Find some answers here

How long does it take to enter Devy as a company?

Depending on the number of branches you have and the size of your menu, you can enter Devy in just a few hours or days and start selling your products at homes through the app.

What is the commission that I must pay to  Devy?

The prices in Devy are divided into 2. The cost of entry that varies depending on the current offer and that includes the registration of your company on the platform and your distinctive plate among other items. The cost to pay for service that is calculated as a percentage of each order that the restaurant sells through the Devy app. This percentage varies according to the country, city and other factors. You can learn more by sending an email to or by register to get personalized help.

Who delivers the products?

As an associated company you can handle two delivery options. Deliver with your own couriers, which has some restrictions and requires prior analysis to register your drivers as Devy Messengers for your restaurant. You can deliver with the network of Devy Messengers available in your city, so it is not necessary for your restaurant or company to hire drivers since each Devy Messenger is trained to offer you the best service possible.

What is the delivery radius?

This varies by city. We can assess your delivery coverage and location to help you define the right area for your restaurant.

Who takes the necessary photographs for the app?

All images are paid for by your company. These must be taken and sent at the time of providing your data during  register. Regarding the dimensions, our team will be in charge of adjusting them so that they look the best possible within the platform, we only ask that they be of the best possible quality and not show editions or alterations to the real dish. During your registration you can see examples of photos taken. 

In which  cities is the Devy app available?

You can send us an email to .


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