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Congratulations on the 5,000

Dear Maurizio...

Good morning, I am happy to share the information you request regarding access to the Devy platform. If you have any additional questions, you can request a call or send a WhatsApp to  443 217 92 87  or mail to mail  and we will gladly support you to move forward with your income.

5,000 orders is not just many orders, it is more than 5,000 people grateful for your effort, 5,000 people who managed to fill their hunger, without you, Devy would not be what it is today, without you, thousands of families would not have had their food until door of your home.  

The thing is that you are not only a Devy Messenger, you are a lesson for all your companions, that with effort and dedication, everything is possible.

We hope you will receive this recognition as a token of appreciation and respect for what you have accomplished. You surprise us and inspire us every day.

Keep giving!

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