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Start monitoring your deliveries in 24 hours

What can you do with Fleet?

Real-time monitoring

Track all your deliveries in real time from a simple web platform.

Mobile app

Your distributors have a mobile app to guide them on the route.

Informed customers

 Offer an excellent service by keeping your customers informed at all times, reducing their uncertainty.

Proof of delivery

Collect evidence of delivery as well as the exact moments of each step during delivery.


Automatically notify your customers via email from the beginning of the route until the final delivery.

Offer tracking on your site

Send a link via WhatsApp so that your customer can track their order from their cell phone

Find out about the status of your routes and deliveries in real time, having greater control over your operation.


Provide all the information to your couriers in one click and optimize their delivery route automatically.

How to know if

we match ❤️

You seek to optimize the entire process of your deliveries.

You want to increase your delivery rate.

You seek to optimize the entire process of your deliveries.

You want to increase the satisfaction of your customers.

You have your own fleet or outsourced, but dedicated.

You have only one vehicle. Yes, you can start with a single vehicle to optimize your routes.

You want to keep your customers informed throughout the delivery journey.

You seek to increase the reputation of your brand with an outstanding delivery experience.

You want to have trained Devy Messengers for your shipments.

In addition, we guarantee

5 days

If we really are a match, even in less than 5 days you can be tracking your shipments with Fleet.

Guided onboarding

Our team will guide you through the process so you can get to know the platform in depth and get the most out of it.

Constant updates

We will permanently inform you of all the improvements we make to our products.

Registro Fleet
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