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Claim  of medical expenses


For the claim of medical expenses of the Mapfre policy  They attached  the documents you have  what to fill  to enter the claim together with the series of data necessary to make the claim.


1.The format shown at the bottom of this page must be filled out in its entirety in block letters and signed by the beneficiary of the payment.

2. The documents to be attached to this form are:

· Medical report. It must be filled out by your treating physician and presented only in initial claims and every six months and/or every year from the date

The first claim was filed. If you submit expenses for several doctors, you must attach a report from each of them.

· Original receipts. Which must comply with current tax requirements and come in the name of the affected party (if he or she is a minor, they must come

in the name of the beneficiary of the payment) detailing the concept of the expense.

·Copy of the valid official identification of the beneficiary of the reimbursement, presenting it only in initial claims or when the beneficiary of the reimbursement changes.

·Copy of bank account statement. It must reflect the interbank code (only occasion) or when the code or the beneficiary of the refund changes.



·The laboratory or imaging invoices must be accompanied by the results and interpretation of the studies carried out.

·Pharmacy bills must be accompanied by the corresponding medical prescription and indicate the medications or items that do not correspond to the patient.

In the event that two simultaneous claims are submitted, if possible, separate the expenses of each condition and require all the documentation for each one.


·Read the General Conditions of the Policy of the plan you contracted before processing any claim, because there may be exclusions and limitations.


In the event of a medical emergency, try to go to the nearest hospital and contact Mapfre at the following telephone numbers:


DF metropolitan area: 52 46 75 02.

Interior of the Republic (+52) 01 800 36 50 024.

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