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Devy is responsible

Do you need distributors for your business?

All your shipments
in a few clicks

If your restaurant or store is associated with Devy, enjoy having trained drivers and all the technology to make your direct home deliveries.

0% commission
for 30 days

If you make more than 50 shipping requests per day or you need to move other items from one point to another in your city, you can contact the alliances department once your registration is complete.

Using the network of registered messengers you can request deliveries in just a few clicks from your computer without the need to hire personnel for logistics.

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In Devy there will always be a previously trained and equipped girl or boy ready to transport your products to the whole city in a matter of minutes.


We collect your products and deliver them to the place and time that you tell us.


How does it work?

Devy takes care of the logistics of your deliveries

Log in to your Devy Company Dashboard and open the Devy Messaging tab  request a courier, press the + button to add an order.



Enter the required information and press Request. Prepare your product for shipment and deliver it to your assigned courier to take it to its destination.
(Same Devy's dynamic)



Remember that the shipping cost must be paid to the Devy Messenger either by your company or by your client at the time of receiving the products.


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Save on the logistics from your company in your city

Save transfer time for your customers
Add value to your company
Pay only when you have orders
Use trained drivers
Reaches any area within the city
Improve the shopping experience of your customers
Don't worry about the distribution logistics of your products
Save on vehicle maintenance (purchase and wear)
Save on personnel expenses (insurance, payroll and settlements)
Track your assigned Devy Messengers at all times
Don't worry about contacting non-formal staff
Do all this from your own Devy Company Panel

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