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Claim  life insurance


For the accidental death claim of the Mapfre policy  They attached  the documents you have  what to fill  to enter the joint claim with the series of data that will have  what to have  your relative to make the claim.

In the first instance and immediately upon knowledge of the death of the affected person within the policy, it must be reported to the insurer at the following numbers:


DF and Metropolitan Area:

Lada Without Costs. interior of the republic
01 800 7191300



your beneficiary  You will need to provide the following information.

1. Name of the contracting party.

2. Address of the contracting party.

3. Name of the Insured.

4. Address of the Insured.

5. Telephone to contact the Debted.




Your beneficiary will need to provide the following information:

- Details of the Deceased (Insured Deceased)

- Full name

- Date of birth and age

- Place of birth

- Place and cause of death

- Date of occurrence of the accident

- Relationship with the owner and/or contracting party of the policy.

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